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SIM Business Suite

Sim Business Suite is a comprehensive receivables management system designed to streamline and simplify the invoicing and payment process for companies of all sizes. This suite offers a wide range of tools and functions that facilitate accounts receivable management, from invoice creation to payment tracking.

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SIM Standard

Sim Standard features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing companies to quickly implement the collection system without the need for a lengthy learning curve.

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SIM ArchiTech

It is a specialized system designed for architects, offering integrated tools for the efficient management of architectural projects. From initial planning to final delivery, Architech facilitates the design process, documentation and team collaboration, providing a centralized platform for task coordination, budget tracking and seamless communication with clients and contractors.

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It is a comprehensive school management system designed to meet the administrative and academic needs of primary and secondary schools. This platform offers tools for the management of student, teacher and administrative staff data, as well as for the administration of courses, schedules, grades and attendance.

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Mobile Solutions

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SIM E-commerce App

Simplify your business processes and make informed decisions wherever you are

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Mobile application for e-commerce


Custom Development

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Web Solutions

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AI Solutions

Optimize your workflow

Data Mining

Mineria de datos

SIM Cubes

Es una sofisticada herramienta de visualización de datos que ofrece una experiencia completa y dinámica para explorar y comprender la información de manera efectiva. Con una amplia gama de capacidades, esta plataforma permite a los usuarios realizar consultas relacionales avanzadas para obtener perspectivas significativas y detalladas sobre los datos empresariales.

Power BI

Es una plataforma web integral diseñada para optimizar y potenciar la gestión empresarial, proporcionando herramientas para monitorear, analizar y comprender el progreso y desempeño de una organización. Esta solución ofrece una visión profunda y detallada de diversos aspectos operativos, financieros y estratégicos de la empresa.

Sales AI

Diseñada para simplificar la experiencia de compra de los clientes, para ofrecer recomendaciones personalizadas basadas en los hábitos de compra y preferencias. Sale AI muestra recomendaciones hacia las ofertas que más le interesan a tus clientes.