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About hptronics

Innovation As a Tool
to Make Things Simple.

Nowadays, companies find themselves in increasingly complex situations. Our vision is to be an integral partner for companies that place their trust in us. We seek to integrate, control and simplify processes in a robust and secure way, which guarantees that our solutions are safe tools that add value to the company in all necessary aspects. Furthermore, we strive to innovate and evolve together with our most important allies, who are our clients.
With more than 20 years of experience and a team of 24 engineers.
Our structure is designed to evolve your tool while another team stands by your side in daily tasks of the day.
about us

We are a company 100% oriented towards Technological Solutions
Always with the vision of bring value to your company

Solutions Retail, WholeSales, Ecommerce, SIM Suite
Solutions in the area of ​​Education Initial-Middle-Higher, SIM ABC
WEB, Mobile Development and Solutions Development in General
Solution for Architecture and Engineering Companies, SIM ArchiTECH

We always use the most advanced technologies on the market,
which guarantees the long-term durability of our solutions.

Web Development
Our vision is more than a simple Page, it is an experience and a Complete integration of the ecommerce transaction.
SIM Business Suite
SIM is the most Complete and Powerful solution on the market, it includes the app integration, POS Interfaces, TC Processing, Mobile Apps, Ecommerce Suite, and many more options.
Mobile Development
We create complex applications that fit 100% of your needs, and all the size of your phone or mobile device.
Software Development
We develop customized solutions, making your application your best ally.
Eagle Alliance
Our company works with ISHIDA weighing solutions, the brand leader in the scale market for its quality and reliability in its equipment.
Nerd Squad Alliance
Our Alliance with the company support for technology equipment and peripherals for your business.

Preparing for the success and growth of your company...
Let us accompany you in the process and be part of that success...


We develop solutions with the purpose that our clients grow solidly and organized.


Always proud of our collaborators
Here, our team of directors

Our goal is to help our clients achieve the position
"Best in class" in their respective industries.
Andrés Pichardo
Director of Development
Blas De Jesus
Implementation Director
Jose A. García
Technical Support Director
Lerner Balza
Sub Director Technical Support
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